Black Friday – 40% Off All-Access Membership!

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Hey What’s Up Guys, this is Lindsay here, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!

A couple weeks ago I launched my online drum education site, Lindsay’s Lessons. Today is BLACK FRIDAY, and we’re offering 40% off your All-Access Membership. The video embedded below is only going to be up for 24 hours, then taken down.


All-Access Membership:

All-Access Members are subscribed to gain instant access to over 130+ EXCLUSIVE Video Lessons, Courses, Masterclasses, Drumless Tracks, PDFs, Personalized Feedback and Practice Routine Design and much more, and Every week I’m adding new content to this growing collection.

Originally, the ALL-ACCESS MEMBERSHIP was $19.99/Month, but today only, for Black Friday you can take 40% off your membership, so it comes out to be $11.99/Month. That’s just 38¢ per day to get access to lessons that will help you improve your drumming. This includes everything from basic warm ups, rudiments, how to apply rudiments to the drums, licks, grooves, concepts, linear exercises, how to tune your drum set, independence workouts, and more, plus, the other best part is that you’ll be able to join our Secret Facebook group, where all the LL members can hang out, talk drums and support one another.

So, like I said, this video is going to be up for 24 hours. Again, this is 40% off, so 11.99/month, which is 38¢ a day. The monthly discount will not expire after a certain amount of months, it’s automatically renewed every month. Click this link and copy/paste the code “BLACKFRIDAY40” at checkout.


THANK YOU guys who have already signed up today, we’re so excited to welcome you into the family!! 🙂 For those just finding out, I look forward to meeting you. Peace.




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