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5 Tips To Up Your Power & Volume (From TomTom Magazine)

Drumming Tips, Quick & Fun, Technique, The Mag 5 Tips To Up Your Power And Volume This Article is From TomTom Magazine, the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers.  JJ JONES August


Paradiddle Challenge #1

Are you up for the challenge? Hey guys! This week’s online drum lesson from my YouTube Channel is an independence exercise, based off of the single paradiddle. Put your coordination skills to the test while


Lindsay’s Lessons Launch!

AND …. WE ARE LIVE! I’m proud to present the very first release of my online drumming education resource, Lindsay’s Lessons! I’m extremely excited about the future of our #lindsayslessons community! I’m totally committed to


Linear Half Time Shuffle – FREE Sample Lesson

Overview This is an Advanced Linear Half-Time Shuffle Drum Lesson. It’s based around eighth note triplets and is a 2 bar groove. What characterizes this groove is the shifting accents within the snare drum! Enjoy

lindsay artkop teaches a lesson for lindsays lessons blog drum education resource

Linear 16th Note Triplet Fill Concept – FREE Lesson

Enjoy! Hello everyone! This is a sample lesson that I uploaded to my YouTube Channel. This is an Advanced or High-Level Intermediate Drum Lesson on a 16th Note Triplet Sticking Concept. It’s part of a complete

Mellow Jam Backing Track

Mellow Jam – FREE Drumless Track

The Rise and Importance of Drumless Tracks In recent years, both the quality as well as availability of Drumless Tracks have improved immensely. Just a little while ago, finding tunes minus the drums could prove to be


Not Your Usual Electronic Drum Set!

Electronic Drums and NFUZD E-drum technology advances further and further everyday. There are more options, customizations, sounds and functions now more than ever. First introduced at NAMM 2015, the NFUZD Audio NSPIRE series is a game changer


The Drummers’ Guide To Permutations

The Drummers’ Guide To Permutations   Permutations are a great concept that, depending on your background, you may or may not already have dealt with. You may have heard the term before and not been

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