Left Hand Bootcamp #2 (TomTom Magazine)

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Welcome to the second installment in the the Left Hand Bootcamp series from Lindsay Artkop, founder of Lindsay’s Lessons. This segment features Left Hand Stick Control exercises. All stick control exercises are designed to help internalize unconventional patterns and increase endurance. In our case, we are working specifically on the left hand (and remember, if you’re a lefty, just reverse the stickings to work on your right hand!).

This article is from TomTom Magazine, the only magazine dedicated to female drummers.



All Stick Control exercises are designed to help internalize unconventional patterns and gain endurance. This specific set of patterns focus on the left hand. Practice each exercise individually 10 times in a row before moving on to the next. Always make sure your technique is great and your hands are relaxed. Practice with a metronome. Start off slowly and gain speed as you feel comfortable.


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Each exercise should be played at a slow tempo to start, especially when using these as warmups. Don’t push yourself (you don’t want to cause injury); instead, gradually increase your speed as you feel comfortable. Use a metronome for best results. The click will allow you to simultaneously work on your timing and keep track of your progress. Practice each exercise individually ten times through before moving on to the next, and always check your grip and make sure your hands and wrists are relaxed. For the absolute minimum results, play through this sheet every day, at least twice through. To better your outcome, increase the amount of time spent practicing. Improvement in your left hand will be in direct accordance with the work you put in!

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