Play Alongs

High Quality Drumless Tracks. Produced by a drummer, for drummers. Perfect for Practice, Drum Covers, Sheds and Jamming.

Solo bass loop that drives the groove. This is in 4/4 time and is 96 BPM.
Overhaul (Bass Loop)

This is what happens when we put the 12 bar blues into a reggae feel! 4/4 and 81 BPM.
Reggae Blues

Laid back pop tune featuring guitar, bass and other light instruments. 4/4 time and 70 BPM.
Stay There

Techno fusion pop style tune. Great jam to groove to and/or use as a backing track to shed over. 4/4 and 88 bpm.
Jelly Bot

Techno fusion tune that flips between 4/4 and 5/4. This advanced track can be grooved on as well as chopped over.
Computer Cake

Exhilarating and upbeat pop song. This tune is in 4/4 time and is 130 BPM.

Rock solid solo bass loop. Simple yet powerful bass lines you can groove to. 4/4 and 104 BPM.
Bass Loop #9

A fusion track that involves both the 7/4 and 4/4 time signatures. Featuring horns, guitar, bass and keys. 126 BPM.
7 Past 4

An advanced fusion track that involves 4/4 in the "A" and "C" sections, 7/4 in the "B" sections. The form is AABAC. 174 BPM.
Red Vibes

Exciting guitar driven track. This song is in 4/4 time and is 132 BPM.

Latin Bossa-Nova style jam featuring guitar, bass piano and light percussion. Groove in 4/4 time at 100 bpm.
Breeze (Bossa Nova)

Tranquil electronic pop song. This is in 4/4 and is 88 BPM.

Electronic pop fusion tune with a catchy melody. 4/4 and 88 bpm.
Light Bubble

Use this track to practice and solidify your jazz comping skills! 4/4 and 100 bpm.
Medium Swing Jazz

Mysterious and driving 6/8 loop that is 150 BPM.

Dirty synths, snappy percussion tracks and a creepy melody. This tune is in 4/4 and is 167 BPM.

Funky slap bass loop in 4/4 time that is 123 bpm.
Bass Loop #6

This is a smooth solo bass track in 4/4 time and is 120 bpm.
Bass Loop #4

Soft rock tune that features phasey guitars, electric bass guitar and soft synth sounds. 112 BPM and 4/4 time.

This is a solo bass track in 5/4 time. It is 110 bpm.
Bass Loop #8

Driving and mysterious song that's fun to groove or shred out on. 4/4 time and 94 bpm.
The Seeker

Catchy bass loop you can groove to! This one is in 4/4 time and is 106 bpm.
Bass Loop #2

Dramatic and suspenseful rock inspired ballad. 4/4 and 100 bpm.
Preparing for Launch

Rock ballad that features organ, guitar, bass and percussion. 4/4 and 65bpm.
Mellow Jam

Advanced Rock style track that mainly features distorted guitars. 7/4 and 6/4 time signatures are used and it is 170 BPM.

Energetic tune featuring clean electric guitar, bass and light effects. 4/4 and 120bpm.

Medium tempo bass loop that you can practice your groove with. This solo loop is 80 BPM and in 4/4 time.
Bass Loop #3

Solid solo bass track in 4/4 time and 110 bpm.
Bass Loop #7

Edgy yet smooth track in 6/8 that runs at 75 BPM.

Slap bass lines that groove and output energy. This is in 4/4 time and is 106 BPM.
Bass Loop #5