Play Alongs

High Quality Drumless Tracks. Produced by a drummer, for drummers. Perfect for Practice, Drum Covers, Sheds and Jamming.

Medium tempo bass loop that you can practice your groove with. This solo loop is 80 BPM and in 4/4 time.
Bass Loop #3

Use this track to practice and solidify your jazz comping skills! 4/4 and 100 bpm.
Medium Swing Jazz

Advanced Rock style track that mainly features distorted guitars. 7/4 and 6/4 time signatures are used and it is 170 BPM.

Energetic tune featuring clean electric guitar, bass and light effects. 4/4 and 120bpm.

Funky slap bass loop in 4/4 time that is 123 bpm.
Bass Loop #6

Tranquil electronic pop song. This is in 4/4 and is 88 BPM.

A fusion track that involves both the 7/4 and 4/4 time signatures. Featuring horns, guitar, bass and keys. 126 BPM.
7 Past 4

Exhilarating and upbeat pop song. This tune is in 4/4 time and is 130 BPM.

Techno fusion tune that flips between 4/4 and 5/4. This advanced track can be grooved on as well as chopped over.
Computer Cake

Soft rock tune that features phasey guitars, electric bass guitar and soft synth sounds. 112 BPM and 4/4 time.

Slap bass lines that groove and output energy. This is in 4/4 time and is 106 BPM.
Bass Loop #5

Techno fusion pop style tune. Great jam to groove to and/or use as a backing track to shed over. 4/4 and 88 bpm.
Jelly Bot

Solo bass loop that drives the groove. This is in 4/4 time and is 96 BPM.
Overhaul (Bass Loop)

Solid solo bass track in 4/4 time and 110 bpm.
Bass Loop #7

Latin Bossa-Nova style jam featuring guitar, bass piano and light percussion. Groove in 4/4 time at 100 bpm.
Breeze (Bossa Nova)

Driving and mysterious song that's fun to groove or shred out on. 4/4 time and 94 bpm.
The Seeker

Catchy bass loop you can groove to! This one is in 4/4 time and is 106 bpm.
Bass Loop #2

Electronic pop fusion tune with a catchy melody. 4/4 and 88 bpm.
Light Bubble

Rock solid solo bass loop. Simple yet powerful bass lines you can groove to. 4/4 and 104 BPM.
Bass Loop #9

Edgy yet smooth track in 6/8 that runs at 75 BPM.

Laid back pop tune featuring guitar, bass and other light instruments. 4/4 time and 70 BPM.
Stay There

Dramatic and suspenseful rock inspired ballad. 4/4 and 100 bpm.
Preparing for Launch

Rock ballad that features organ, guitar, bass and percussion. 4/4 and 65bpm.
Mellow Jam

Mysterious and driving 6/8 loop that is 150 BPM.

This is what happens when we put the 12 bar blues into a reggae feel! 4/4 and 81 BPM.
Reggae Blues

An advanced fusion track that involves 4/4 in the "A" and "C" sections, 7/4 in the "B" sections. The form is AABAC. 174 BPM.
Red Vibes

This is a solo bass track in 5/4 time. It is 110 bpm.
Bass Loop #8

This is a smooth solo bass track in 4/4 time and is 120 bpm.
Bass Loop #4

Exciting guitar driven track. This song is in 4/4 time and is 132 BPM.

Dirty synths, snappy percussion tracks and a creepy melody. This tune is in 4/4 and is 167 BPM.